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Vasant Kate

Chairman & Managing Director, Yashada Realty Group

"MDocBOX is one of the most important tool we use in our organisation, in real estate documents management is the most critical thing. MDocBOX reduces cost , decencies and save time . I highly recommend MDocBOX to fellow developers and real estate giants."

Suryakant Jadhav

Managing Director, Vivanta Realty

"We have been using MDocBOX 1.5 years. It has made our processes paperless, It is a cloud based system and I can easily access all documents on my mobile device. I recommend this to my fellow developers ."

Raju Bhise

Managing Director, Austin Realty

"MDocBOX is very cost effective solution for document management in our organisation. It is very user friendly and compatible with all devices. "

Rohidas Gawari

Head - Sales & Marketing, Yashada Realty Group

"It’s been 1.5 years we are using MDocBOX . MDocBOX is a very effective tool It saves our time. The efficiency of our team is increased. I recommend all enterprises to use MDocBOX. "

Purva Sawant

"I am using MDocBOX from last 1.5yrs. It’s user friendly, anyone with basic knowledge can use it and you can uplod and download your documents from anywhere and anytime. Multiple users can be given access."

Atul Salegaonkar

"I am working in recovery department in Yashada realty group. In recovery well managed documents is key. If any of the documents is missing , it creates hassles for customer and us. MDocBOX is very handy solutions. Documents are secure and quick access is also available. Customer can also have the access of their document right from the purchase date to possession date."

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